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Are you studying humanities, social sciences or at teacher college? Then we are your student union.

This means that we monitor the content of the courses to make sure that your courses are of the right quality, keep track of everyone being treated equally and are your friend in matters of accommodation, working environment and student rights. Through our union associations, you and your study buddies can organize cool events and your union membership gives you access to student pubs and extra discounts. We are always on your side – no matter how you did in the last exam.

What we can do for you as a student!

Umeå student union works to make your study time as good as possible!

Student and doctoral representative

The student and doctoral student representative supports students and doctoral students in the problems concerning their education or work environment that may arise during their studies. In everything from poor educational quality or communication, to discrimination or harassment, you can contact the representative for help and support. Your anonymity is always taken into account and you do not have to be a member of the student union to contact the representative. Feel free to look at our questions and answers beforehand

Education monitoring

Umeå Student Union monitors all education within the union's area of ​​operation. This is to ensure the quality of the educations given now and in the future.

The education monitoring takes place through the fact that the union has student representatives who work to monitor the students' interests in various decision-making bodies within the university.

Right to influence the work of the union

As a member, you have the right to join our associations. Through our associations, you can influence your study time yourself by influencing the corps' work, positions and politics. In the associations, you can also organize fun study social activities for increased community in the class/on the course. Become a member and get the most out of your study time!

Member benefits

We offer discounts in addition to the usual student discounts, e.g. Cinema tickets: SEK 10–30, Folkuniversitet: 20%, IKSU, Kårexpeditionen's pharmacy products.

Contact our student and doctoral representative

"We're always on your side – no matter how you did on the last exam."

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