About Umeå Student Union

Umeå Student Union was founded on April 16th in 1959 by 20 dentist students and was from the beginning a student union without any connection to a university. When Umeå University was established in 1965 Umeå Student Union was the only union at the university.

In 1998 the Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology and Umeå Medical Union (at the tim called Medical Union Corpus) with support from Umeå Student Union. Since 1998 Umeå University therfore have three student unions where Umeå Student Union represent students within humanities, social science and the teacher programmes, 15 000 students, or approximately 65% of all students at Umeå University.

The members, around 5000, constitute the foundation of Umeå Student Union, and can be found in the union’s sections and associations. The sections represent students in certain fields of study and in total, the union’s 7 sections include all students within the union’s area of activity.

These two paragraphs are central to Umeå Student Union’s work and organization.

Umeå Student Union is an open and democratic association whose activities are shaped by its members.

Chapter 1. 2§, 4§ Umeå Student Union’s statutes

Umeå Student Union’s main purpose is to monitor and participate in the development of education and the conditions for studies at Umeå University and promote the well-being of its members.

Chapter 1. 2§, 4§ Umeå Student Union’s statutes

Our history


The 10th century was characterized by adaptation to the abolition of the compulsory student union. Among other things, Umeå Student Union had to change to become a member-recruiting organization where the focus would still be on the work with students' rights and conditions for studies. During the decade, the form of the union elections was also discussed, where the model of union parties was increasingly questioned. 50 years after the union parties' entry into Umeå Student Union, the model was abolished in 2019 in favor of a system where the union's sections once again rule the council.


The 00s meant major changes for Umeå Student Union as an organization. Program associations at Umeå University began to be organized to an increasing extent directly under the union and over time became union associations under our sections. You can read more about the student union associations here. The decade also ended with a parliamentary decision in which the compulsory student union requirement, which meant that all students at a higher education institution had to sign up for membership in a student union, was abolished.


The 90s became the decade when Umeå Student Union established more and more activities on Campus. The Scharinska villa remained in the union's ownership, but a new union house, Corona, was built by the union on Campus. The 90s were also the year of the sections, when union parties connected to the union's sections began to gain more and more power in the union elections and thus the union's highest decision-making body, the Union Council. Towards the end of the decade, in 1998, two new Student Unions were formed from Umeå Student Union: Umeå Union of Science and Engineering Students and Corpus, now Umeå Medicinal Student Union.


The 80s was the period when we saw a continued growth of student activities such as the student radio Mick 102 (reformed from Radio Universum) and the cultural association Humlan. The protest movements were not as extensive as in the 70s, but many support actions were carried out for various trade union movements. During the 1980s, new sections within the Umeå student union also began to emerge, with the Behavioural Science section today being our oldest. Read more about the sections here.


The 70s represent the decade when student life saw an explosion of new activities that emerged. Through its foundation, Stiftelsen Umeå studentbostäder (the foundation was later transferred to AB Bostaden's ownership), Ålidhem was built up, the union built a union house on Campus, started cafes, preschool activities and a bookstore. The decade also featured many of the most widespread protests, against the war in Vietnam, to rent strikes and support actions for trade union movements.


The 60s were characterized by a strong protest culture in Umeå where the Umeå student union was often at the forefront. Within the student union, voices began to be raised to change the way the union was governed, from being led by two sections to being led by union parties. In 1969, a union election was introduced where the students ran with parties often linked to traditional political movements or parties outside the university. This decade, the student union also created the newspaper Vertex.


The 1950s was the time for the founding of the Umeå student union. In the beginning, the student union was made up of two so-called sections that governed the union activities. It was also in the 50s that the Umeå student union got its first real union house, the Scharinska villa, and also a piece of land in Klabböle, land that is still in the union's possession today. This decade, the Umeå student union also founded student health care for the students in the city and IKSU - the Student Sports Club in Umeå.