We are there for you when life gets tough

Emergency loan

Umeå Student Union offers you as a member an emergency loan of up to SEK 4,500 for unforeseen expenses. Life is not a straight path planned and prepared. We at Umeå Student Union understand this and are there for our members.


Click on the link for the form and fill in the requested information; When you click on “Save”, your application will be submitted. Membership in Umeå Student Union will be checked.


Umeå Student Union’s members receive the opportunity to borrow a maximum of SEK 4,500 in one academic year at an interest rate of 6% and a repayment period of 5 months.


Repayment must be made without request within the agreed loan period, which can be a maximum of five months. This is done to Umeå Student Union, BG 201-5865 . Enter your name and social security number.

If the loan has not been paid by the due date, a reminder will be sent and a fee of SEK 25 will be charged. If the loan has not been paid after this reminder, the case will be sent to debt collection. Debt collection costs are paid by the borrower.


Extension of the loan is only granted if there are very good reasons. An extension of the loan must be applied for well in advance of the due date.

However, you cannot get a new loan until the previous loan has been fully repaid and you may not borrow more than a total of SEK 4,500 per academic year.

"Life is not a straight path. We understand this and are there for our members."




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