Reporting completed projects

All scholarship recipients must report the results achieved with the aid of the funds received from the foundation.

It is fundamental that the report corresponds with the application; it should be possible to compare the report with the application for which you were granted funds.

You have 3 years to report on your project from the year/half-year shift following the grant approval.

Only those who have reported their project have the opportunity to be granted funds again. Therefore, it is important that you submit your report when you apply for a new scholarship, at the latest.

Financial report on how the funds were used

Here you fill out how the funds have advanced your work in a scientific sense. It is not in the interest of the foundation to take part in receipts, but mainly a simple financial overview of what the funds have been used for.


If you have compiled your project results in, or used the funds to, write part of a thesis, article, report, or essay, you can usually submit the entire thesis, article, report, or essay as your report. However, if you have used the funds to carry out a subproject that will not be utilized in a thesis or similar project until much later, you should submit a report of about 1-2 A4 pages, detailing the outcome of the subproject and how the results will benefit ongoing research.

If you have used the funds for research travel, conference, or travel expenses for courses or laboratory visits, you should report on how this has contributed to scientific development. The description should be about 1-2 A4 pages.

Those who have been awarded funds for social and/or economic reasons are not required to submit a report.

Certificate from Supervisor

The report should be accompanied by a signed certificate from the supervisor confirming that the information provided in the report is accurate.