Become a member and get the most out of your study time!

Umeå student union is your student union voice at Umeå University – for those who study in the humanities and social sciences as well as teacher education.







Why you should become a member

We actively work with educational monitoring to ensure that you get the best possible educational quality. We also monitor issues related to equal treatment and the working environment on campus as well as housing and finances from a student perspective.

As a union member, you also get a much more enjoyable study time as you can get involved in our union associations! In our associations, you can influence your study time yourself by pursuing issues within the union and organizing fun activities together with your study buddies. You also get entry to Umeå’s student pubs and more discounts in addition to the usual student discounts.

There is a certain discount if you pay for several semesters; please note that the discount only applies if you pay for several semesters at the same time.
Full fee
Campus based studies
1 term 230:-
2 terms 400:-
3 terms 550:-
4 terms 700:-
5 terms 800:-
6 terms 900:-
7 terms 1 000:-
8 terms 1 100:-
9 terms 1 200:-
10 terms 1 300:-
11 terms 1 400:-
Reduced fee
Internet and distance baces studies
1 term 130:-
2 terms 200:-
3 terms 250:-
4 terms 300:-
5 terms 350:-
6 terms 400:-
7 terms 450:-
8 terms 500:-
  • Access to discounts from the STUK Student Card
  • Discount at IKSU SPORT Training facility
  • Discount on cinema tickets from Filmstaden (sold only at the union office)
  • Participate in your union’s social activities, e.g. sittings, ski trips or lectures
  • Entry to Umeå’s student pubs
  • Apply for positions of trust, e.g. as ‘General’ during the reception.
  • Take part in developing the courses at the university and stand up for your rights
  • Get help from our student representatives when your exam has been corrected incorrectly or your studies are in trouble
  • Free advice in finance and legal matters
  • The possibility of applying for an emergency loan of up to SEK 4,500

As a member, you have the right to apply for research funding from the Stiftelsen JC Kempe scholarship fund.

What is required to become a member?

To become a member, you first need to read information about how we handle your personal data in accordance with Umeå student union’s GDPR policy. It means, among other things, that we only ask for the information that is necessary for the purpose (which can be, for example, contact details or statistics) and that we delete your personal data when they no longer fulfill the purpose.

Read the policy

Further requierments:
  • Study at least 1 HP at Umeå University

How to become a member

At each semester start and reception, our union associations stand in the corridors and sell union memberships. You will then receive a receipt in your mobile while waiting for your digital membership card in collaboration with the STUK Student Card. If you have missed buying from your union, you can always turn to our office at Lindellhallen, you can pay by card or Swish.

If you want to be comfortable, you can always become a member right here on our website! You will receive a digital receipt that you can use as membership identification while waiting for the app to be activated.

If you sign up for membership via our website, you can use the digital receipt as a temporary membership card, until you receive your digital membership card in the STUK app.

(In order for the app/card order to be sent, there must be a course registration in our register, orders are sent to the card companies every weekday.)

Guest membership

If you are a member of a union at another university, you can always sign up for a guest membership with us to take part in student life during your stay in Umeå. You can buy a guest ID for SEK 130 per semester. You support the union’s student union work and then get to take part in student pubs and other activities. Guest identification can only be purchased at the union office.

Union membership at another university in Sweden must be proven by presenting a valid membership card or union identification. When buying on behalf of a comrade, a picture of the comrade’s union membership card or union identification is accepted.

Alumni Membership

If you have finished your studies but are still a member of the student union, your regular membership will be converted into an alumni membership. This membership supports the union in its student union activities, but lacks benefits such as access to student pubs and student discounts.