The Umeå student union consists of three different organizational levels that work together and cooperate closely with each other. The union members form the very foundation of our operation. Members can choose to get involved in our associations (1), our sections (2) or in the union council, union board or foundations (3).

Unions associations

The student associations are linked to various programs and courses. Read more about the associations here.

Union sections

The union sections consist of one or more associations that together comprise a larger group of students within a field of studies. Read more about the sections here.

Union council

The union council, the highest decision-making body for the Umeå student union, is elected in a union election every year where each section has a certain number of seats (also called a mandate).

Union board

The union board, which is elected by the union council, must implement the decisions the union council has made and consists of: chairman, vice-chairman with responsibility for equal conditions, vice-chairman with responsibility for education, an education supervisor for HumFak/Teachers’ College as well as education supervisor for SamFak and four non-profit members .

Union Office

The office consists of staff and full time remunerated students who work together during the year.

Academic association

Academic associations are interest associations within the corps and which aim to gather students across course and program boundaries around common interests. These associations are approved by the union board. Read more about the academic associations here.


The foundations are 5 in number and have different orientations where some work with property management while others award scholarships or conduct other operation.

Foundation: JC Kempes Minnes Stipendiefond

Was founded by the Umeå student union after three donations from the Kempe family and aims to promote postgraduate education at Umeå University.

Read more here: Kempefonden

The foundation Students Health

Umeå student union started the student health care foundation in Umeå. When the university took over the operation, the student unions in Umeå formed a joint foundation that awards scholarships for health-promoting initiatives.

Read more here

The foundation Universitetshallen

The Umeå student union founded IKSU, which has been an independent operation for many years. When the current IKSU hall was built, the Umeå student union, Umeå University and IKSU established a joint foundation to manage the premises so that they benefit the university’s employees and students.

The foundation Folkuniversitetet

Founded by Umeå student union, Umeå University and Folkuniversitetsföreningen with the aim of promoting public education in Norrland.

Read more here

The union house foundation

Founded by the Umeå student union in 1997 to support and conduct union house operations for the students at Umeå University.