The Student union letter

Every third year, the three student unions at Umeå University (Umeå student union, Umeå natural science and technology union and Umeå medical student union) write the student union letter, which summarizes and highlights the problems the unions have identified at the university and suggests possible measures.

The letter is mainly based on the student cases that have been received by the student unions during the last three-year period. Incoming student cases have been categorized according to a template that makes visible which recurring problems are overall for the entire university. In addition to concrete student cases, the letter also highlights general tendencies that the unions have noted during these three years.

Note: Before 2016, the student union letter went under the name “student case letter” and before 2010, the letter was published annually. The first official letter was sent in 2006, then only from the Umeå student union.