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Those of us working in the Umeå Student Union presidium remunerated students who voluntarily work on full-time representing students at Umeå University.
Victor Holmström
President Telefon: 070 686 90 10
Theodor Varga Fridh
Vice president with educational responsibilities Telefon: 070 686 90 16
Molly Hansson
Vice president with work environment responsibility Telefon: 070 686 90 12

Education supervisor & business and membership issues

The educational advocate represent students at faculties and departments and ensure that the quality of the education is maintained.
Felix Köhler
Education advocate at the faculty of humanities and the college of teachers Telefon: 070 269 68 83
Tilde Sorsa
Responsible for business and membership issues Telefon: 072 341 59 06


Officials are those of us who work daily to create the conditions necessary for the student union activities to proceed as smoothly as possible. We are the backbone for our student associations and sections.
Stefan Brattlöf
Office manager Telefon: 070 686 90 53

Stefan leads the staff at the office and is responsible for the finances of Umeå Student Union. Additionally, he supports the sections and associations of the union in their bookkeeping and serves as the financial manager for three of the union's foundations. Stefan has been working at Umeå Student Union since 2008.

Ulrika Hoffrén
Administrative officer Telefon: 072 341 59 00

Ulrika works at the union office with member service and administration. She takes care of the membership register and can help with e.g. sampling and statistics. She is also responsible for the register of civil servants and the register of associations. She also helps create email addresses and mailing lists. Ulrika has worked at the Umeå student union since 2002.

Arvid Eklund
Student and doctoral representative Telefon: 070 265 46 58

Arvid works to support students and doctoral candidates in issues related to their education or work environment that may arise during their study period. He also serves as secretary in the student union board's education committee, work environment committee, and at doctoral section meetings. Arvid is also responsible for the work on the student union document every three years.

Ella Forsman
Organizational developer Telefon: 072 341 59 04

Ella works with overall organizational development and provides support to the Umeå Student Union's board, student sections, and student associations. She assists with handovers, revisions of statues, planning and monitoring of the business, and education. She serves as secretary in the executive committee, the board, and the student union council, and is also responsible for the work on the student union document every three years.

Molly Hoffrén
Housing broker - akutrum.nu Telefon: 070 686 90 11

Molly works as a housing broker and serves as the liaison between students in need of accommodation and landlords. Akutrum.nu is a collaboration among the three student unions at Umeå University, commissioned by Umeå municipality.

Solya Halleros
Communicator Telefon: 073 334 37 86

Solya works with communication towards our members and in general. She assists student associations and student sections with marketing materials. Solya is also responsible for graphic design and printed materials.

Örjan Andersson
IT-support Telefon:

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Jenny Lindberg
Administrator of student errands Telefon:

Jenny provides advocacy support to students who encounter issues related to education or work environment during their study period. She is responsible for conducting investigations and projects, as well as preparing decision materials and responses to inquiries on current issues. She also holds administrative responsibilities in foundations associated with the student union.